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Take your first steps towards financial independence through data brokering today!

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A Basic Income​ Solution​

Social media companies turn obscene profits selling metadat​a, tiny fragments of information almost entirely robbed of context. 

With our systems you can prod​uce far more valuable data simply as a consequence of daily life, ​and turn the profit on it yourself. ​

Full Data Fidelity, For Life

No more moments lost to time because there wasn't a camera handy. No more need to take notes beyond a timestamp; anything you have experienced, you can revisit at your leisure. Media content creation can now include all the funny little moments that, without ambient recording measures, could not be shared with the world. Even criminal activity performed in your presence will leave hard, undeniable evidence. 

Owner And First Subject

David S Carr, owner of Davidic Lineage Personal Data, is currently testing technologies and legalities in establishing the first Personal Data Company. As his own and other Personal Data Companies establish themselves a franchise model to enable the acquisition of all technologies involved by motivated potential subjects will be established. 

Jane Doe - Another Company, LLC

 The LyfeStream© Treatment

The LyfeStream© proprietary data format utility will coordinate and synchronize multiple information inputs into a singular timeline, allowing the details of one's life to be parsed according to any conceivable metric.

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