Lifestyle Solutions for the Information Boom


Live Right Into History

Once, Pharaohs spent lives by the hundreds in order to build monuments that might stand the test of time and give testimony to their presence. Desperate to be remembered, they erected obscenely elaborate landmarks dedicated to their ancestors and themselves. 

Today, we are presented with a far greater opportunity. Data science has advanced nearly at the speed of thought, so that nothing need ever be forgotten again. The collective cultural knowledge of the world entire lies at our fingertips and in our coat pockets. History has finally caught up with itself. 

Still, we experience the age of resource-scarcity based capitalism. Despite relative overabundance of all elements necessary for collective human life, many go without, even in cultures whose consumption rates should ensure basic necessities for all citizens. Basic Income projects are floated in various markets, and generally have very positive effects, but the problem remains. How to fund such a social innovation on a large, or even global scale? 

Already we see the beginnings of a data economy peeking through. Social media sites offer nominally "free" services in exchange for the right to mine your interactions for metadata. Blockchain technology has created multiple decentralized currencies that have proven market viable. Shows like Big Brother and families like the Kardashians have leveraged latent data gathering into media empires, but they've largely missed the point of the technologies they employ. 

Our proposition is simple. Record every moment in every conceivable information spectrum. Audio, visual, environmental, medical... all of it. Collate this information into a singular data resource (your LyfeStream¬©) whose value grows for as long as you live... and maybe even then some. Meanwhile, parse specialized data packets (market data, medical data, locale data, anything there is a research market for) and broker your data packets for profit. 

Worried about privacy? As the subject of your own Personal Data Company, all information gathered is a protected corporate resource. Anything you want suppressed in order to protect your public image remains top secret property of your franchise until you release it or cease to be. Charges of corporate malfeasance and tortious interference await anyone who misuses your image and likeness, as both become corporate resources. You yourself become the primary production mechanism for this franchise, and thus your upkeep becomes a business expense. 

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